The  Amish communities are found  in Holmes and adjoining counties in northeast Ohio, there is also large group of Amish people in northeastern Indiana. And yes, Amish settlement in also in Lancaster County.

Some intersting facts about them- though we are not really sure about them. according to most of the information found on internet,  

Amish dont keep mustaches but they keep beards. Perhaps its cause of  this tradition stems from old times when Amish used to wearing huge mustaches  was common among those in the military. 

And women and girls wear simple and modest dresses in solid-colors with long sleeves and a full skirt which covers kness. O the front, usually there will be apron covering fastened with straight pins. Amish women do not wear jewelry.

Amish women dont cut their hair infact never cut, put hair in a bun on the back of the head..


The Amish value simplicity and not threatedned by ythe diseases plagued todays world like war, power shortage, pollution, corruption  etc etc. Their lifestyle is different and self-sufficient if not lavish or full of wordly comforts .A lesson of bonding and simplicity Amish are example of.

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