Oh well, we have studied about Bronze age, Stone age…the name been given may be of the materials used then. But looking at the wide, big world of Ceramics, its creative uses..we wonder why there is no such thing as  a “Ceramics Age.”


Ceramics once referred purely to pottery and to articles made by firing materials extracted from Earth. though the general definition of ceramic deals with —a nonmetallic and inorganic solid but now the Ceramic art has very wide application.  ceramics are pottery, glass, brick porcelain, and cement.

Looking for Ceramic related article, came across this beautiful article which is about the  Creative Growth Art Center (http://creativegrowth.org).  For more than 30 years,  it is catering to the creative people with disabilities. Giving the ample encouragement and nurture, the artists are provided a  professional collective imaginative collaborative development. Artistic development, gallery exhibition, and representation see the blossoming the artists.

The respect to the creativity is so visible here, says the  director, Tom di Maria, “teach, guide, or steer people in one direction or another.”  The artists work at their own pace without bothering about deadlines, instructional manual or responsibilities.It does not offer therapy or instruction and it is not a drop-in center. There are no specific tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, or certain models of success and there are certainly no failures. In this non-competitive setting, the artists proceeding at their own pace in art-making are exercising total personal choice and personal control over their own work. Completely in control over their choices, artists command control of their own works and yes, they don’t come here for any therapy or counseling sessions here. They know that their creativity is treasured and encouraged.

It’s called an artistic paradise…

There is no bar! No cultural biases, no language barriers and no differentiation on the basis of experiences of the artists..no wonder it’s a preferred workstation of more than 160 artists.To over 160 adult artists engaged in a range of artistic mediums: ceramics, collages, drawing, dressmaking, fiber arts, painting, photography, printmaking, rug making, tapestry, video animation, and woodworking. A variety of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and disabilities are represented and many languages are spoken, though some artists do not speak or are unable to use language.

 ceramics, collages, drawing, dressmaking, fiber arts, painting, photography, printmaking, rug making, tapestry, video animation, and woodworking,….it’s all there and creativity and art find magnificent shape and colours…..

The artists are provided with income as well,  all the artworks are displayed for sale and no matter sale happens or not, they are given quarterly check. The center has facilitated a community pool made up of proceeds from the sale of items priced at less than 25 dollars, helps to provid income to the artists.

Recognition, welfare, self-esteem, creative nurturing and SoCultures think is indeed appreciable and must be followed by other institutions as well.

The information was  taken from https://ceramicartsnetwork.org

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