Become a part of the Cultural Movement. The idea is to connect with our culture and the cultures of the world over. Join hands and share your creativity with the other “Culture Catalysts” of the world. The films, music, art, craft, festivals, comedy, sports, books, history, design, fashion, food, theater…don’t you think really enrich our lives? So, let’s separate the digital and daily noise and put the spotlight on culture.

SoCultures invites you to join the world community in this celebration.

How To Do…

SoCultures TV Channel is a platform to share your creative side. So, let’s implement it. Friends, upload videos* showcasing your creativity, be it music, art, dance or theater or even a rock band. The categories are singing, playing your favorite instrument (solo/band), dance (solo/group), theater(solo/group), your favorite art/craft, reading some poetry/excerpt from your book or a short story.

Performance video should not be more than 2 minutes…

Isn’t it fun? You can make videos from anywhere, from college canteens, sitting under a Banyan tree enjoying the cool breeze, your home, and your workplace or even when sipping a cuppa of tea with hot pakodas, chatting at a friend’s house and your creation will be showcased to the whole world. The idea is to encourage the creativity and cultural interest.

Let’s keep in mind…

  1. While uploading, participants are requested to register on SoCultures TV with their email ID.
  2. Videos must be uploaded only at Videos uploaded elsewhere will not be considered.
  3. If you are a participant in more than one category, please register separately in the respective category.
  4. SoCultures reserves all the rights to disqualify any participant from featuring on SoCultures TV, if the participation is not in sync with all the terms and conditions of the company.
  5. SoCultures will promote your videos worldwide with the intentions to give participant a platform, cultural exposure and opportunities.
  6. Participant must upload verification documents as mentioned in the online form.

Hey, Hey, Hey…its important…

Uploading your video/videos is free. Apart from giving you the platform, we will also be offering you the twelve editions of SoCultures cultural digital magazine with global cultural perspective. All you need to do to subscribe it for a very minimal amount.

  • We have to run the show. Cooperate friends.
  • For subscribing the magazine, please register yourself.

*All videos broadcasted at the SoCultures youtube channel.