These food bloggers add stories to the food we eat, and they do it with style.

The world of food is vast and varied in taste, appearance, and presentation coming from different communities and cultures of the world. Food bloggers with their individual perspective and style give a story and visuals to the culinary world. picks up some great food blogging sites for 2018. Read more… Image courtesy: Sagarika Kaushik, blogger at    

Food photography is no less creative than the food recipe itself.I SoCultures

Food photography is glamorous, it captures well the tangy texture of tomato sauce or dripping, oozing cheese on a freshly baked pizza with the topping of colourful mix of veggies. But it’s not only glamorous, its also sheer hard work also captures the grind and hardships of the food industry. Take a look at these food pictures.. image courtesy: Noor Ahmed Gelal

The great, great benefits of ginger and garlic I SoCultures

The healthy and nutritional benefits of ginger and garlic are extremely helpful for a long lifespan and good physical conditions. Well, the Japanese people enjoy one of the longest average life expectancies in the world. It’s not something they are born with but its the inclusion of natural and wholesome food ingredients in their diet. They add ginger and garlic in their cooking delicacies, tea..etc. Read more on why ginger and garlic have some mindblowing reasons to be put into your [...]

The quotes not about motivation and spirituality, but about men’s fashion I SoCultures

Men’s Fashion:  Style ‘Quote’- Amidst the explosion of information everywhere, quotes about fashion and that too about men’s fashion are really cool. It’s cool to incorporate traditional, conventional or universal knowledge in the style … Lets take a look at some quotes on men’s fashion. image courtesy:    

Fashion code rewritten by these fierce women I SoCultures

Decoding the language of fashion mantra of these confident women of substance. Fashion is not only about style, its also about personality, attitudes. Many prefer to write their own code even when it comes to fashion. Read more  

Commonwealth Fashion Exchange I SoCultures

The Commonwealth Fashion exchange is a unique initiative to bring together the fashion talents from 53 countries on one platform.

The secrets of the iconic garment Saree/ Sari I SoCultures

Sari or Saree, the traditional garment of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh is a six meters long fabric with beautiful designs on Pallu, borders, and pleats with motifs and designs derived from different cultures. And whats more that it can be draped in innumerable ways, some of them are not even documented…Read more

Cocktail suits are giving us style lessons. I SoCultures

Cocktail Suit: Awesome to see that cocktail suiting is emerging a hot fashion style, and why not it’s not only chic but confident too. The #MeToo movement has been seeing a wave of the revival of this powerful attire.  Read with Vogue the practical tips, trends, and inspiration to wear the cocktail suit.

Mens Fashion: new-ins and new-outs I SoCultures

Well, talking of men;s fashion, it’s not only beard style, hairstyle  for men which is changing trends with new ins and new outs it’s sartorial  choices also, which  make you a fashion guru to handover style tips  in your peer group or  decide a  dress code for a business meeting or to look a perfect drool-worthy hottie for  hot romantic date  with  the prettiest girl in town,  so, folks, stay tuned to the latest trends in fashion for men. [...]

Fiction and all that funny matters! I SoCultures

Hey! I really want to laugh… Fiction and Funny…What are the comic novels? Are they still around? What is happening with the funny side of the fiction…