Fascination with Flyod

Fascination with Flyod

Pink Floyd,  British rock band, the most successful and influential rock groups in history, who continue to fascinate music lovers all over the world. Pink Floyd charted out a unique path to music, it is progressive and psychedelic rock music…and how awesome it is.  The band, “Pink Floyd” has its roots in Cambridge, in the East of England, in the early 1960s, but it took shape and came together in London. They met each other interestingly.  Roger ‘Syd’ Barrett, Roger Waters and David Gilmour hail from Cambridge and grew up there., (Roger Waters got involved with the music as those were the days of the folk and beat that time. Young Berret who since his school days prompted to the part in music and art by his parents. He was friends with Roger Waters  David Gilmour when they were teens,  so the seed of the formation of Pink Floyd was sown long before it acquired this monumental shape. Currently avid Gilmour and Nick Mason are the band members. Former:
Richard Wright (1965-94); d.2008
Roger Waters (1965–85)
Syd Barrett (1965–68); d. 2006
Bob Klose (1965)                       The band was formed in 1965 London by  Barret played guitars, vocals), Nick Mason drums and Roger Waters bass and vocals and Richard Wright took keyboards and vocals and what a beautiful gift of music to the world..their debut album “The Piper at the gates of Dawn” was released. Soon “Dark Side of the Moon ” in 1973, “Wish You Were Here” in 1975………….     but later some disagreements happened and  Waters decided to call it quits and dissolve the band after the debacle of “The Final Cut”.  Gilmour and Mason, despite all upheavals, continued to make music with Wright’s collaboration, opted to make more albums with the band’s name despite a lawsuit by Waters, keeping the Floyd alive.   Barrett died in 2006 and Wright died in 2008, but Pink Floyd’s legacy remains alive. 
Inspired by Animal Farm, The Wall, Another brick in the Wall, Comfortably Numb are some forever and memorable numbers by Pink Floyd.

Some interesting stuff about Floyd from their facebook page…To advertise the August 1988 UK concerts, Pink Floyd employed an inflatable which floated over the River Thames, close to the Houses of Parliament

On this date in 1988, Pink Floyd played the second of a brace of shows at Wembley Stadium. The two shows at Manchester City’s Maine Road football stadium, due to be held on August 1st and 2nd (as shown on this poster) were amalgamated into one show, held on August 8th.


Richard and Nick in the studio during the 1970s.


The 1967 Love In Festival held at the Alexandra Palace was scheduled to run from 9pm to 9am; Pink Floyd appeared (having performed in Norwich earlier in the evening) running through songs like Pow R Toc H, and a lengthy Interstellar Overdrive. Unlike the 24hr Technicolor Dream, also held in the same venue, only one band performed at a time, dramatically helping the overall sound.




Only a select few fans were able to witness David Gilmour’s ground-breaking return to the Pompeii amphitheatre for a brace of incredible performances in July 2016, but from 29th September every fan will be able to experience them, with the release of the recording of those concerts on CD, Blu-Ray, DVD, LP and download.


One of the best known posters from Pink Floyd’s In The Flesh tour on 1977 – it was advertising the final concert, one which was to prove pivotal for the future of the band…


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