Young Inspirational leaders from our world and cultures

The young inspirational leaders from our world and cultures who are a role model to not their counterparts but their older generations as well.


Meet Lamija Gutić, the young inspirational leader from Russia.

Listen to her story which is just an example that how a simple thought and some determined actions can contribute to a build a powerful impact.

“My story with the UN continued in May 2016 when I participated in the web development training that was organized by the initiative IT Girls, which is sponsored by three UN agencies: UN Women, UNICEF, and UNDP,” said young Lamija.



Lamija Gutić is only 16 years old, and dreams of a giving her contribution to building a better world. She is building technology solutions for a better world. Indeed an inspiration for many girls and women across the region and also a role model for young inspirational leaders.

 Lamija Gutić, is from Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. entered the world of coding in 2016, through IT Girls, a UN Women-supported joint UN initiative. She has attended several coding camps since then and learned how to create websites and applications

She wants to develop applications that will improve the health of their users and help them in their further education. She believes that we need digitization of the education system at the state level, and not just in individual cantons.

SDG ( sustainable development goals)n gender equality and its target on enhancing the use of information and communications technology to promote the empowerment of women and girls.

Lamija dreams of developing solutions that will improve the lives of people around the world. SoCultures hails you all the young dreamers, inspirational leaders

The world needs you.



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