Adira comfy stylish pants

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Travel in style and comfort. SoCultures Pants are an absolute delight to wear all day, no matter you are travelling in Hawai or Some busy road in Paris.  They come with belts and soft stitch so that you can even wear them to colleges or office as well. And look super stylish. The fabric is 100 percent cotton and hand blocked. What a treat to wear traditional motifs.  They are tailored to see the world.

100 percent cotton and hand blocked motifs. Its stylish and comfortable. They are folded from the sides to give a design appeal. When you tie the wide belt its give the attire a beautiful appeal. Delivery after seven (7 )days from the order placed.

A little note about hand-block prints….

SoCultures loves hand block prints and we know that you all love them too. And hand blocks are popular in different parts of the globe. Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanks… In India, when you go to the Pink city, Jaipur, there also exist s a small town Bagru, now famous for its spectacular block prints techniques and motifs and clay resist Dabu process of patterning on textiles.

t s a small town Bagru, now famous for its spectacular block prints techniques and motifs and clay resist Dabu process of patterning on textiles.

Dabu comes from the Hindi word ‘Dabana’ which means ‘to press’. Legend has it, that once a cloth dyer was, as usual, busy with his cloth dying process. Accidently he put mud- speckled clothing to dye in Indigo. But these mud-soaked clothes retained their colours the next day when they were put to dry. And that accident saw the birth of Dabu.

Dabu comes from the Hindi word ‘Dabana’, Dabana means press. The motifs floral or geometric are hand blocked in a very tedious process. The specially prepared water-resistant clay is blocked into the textile to grasp and retain the original color during the process of dying at different different stages to retain and safeguard the basic colour after the additional dye dips.The village of Akola, in the Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan, is said to be the originator of Dabu printing.


Rajasthani hand block prints like Sanganeri and Bagru is often paired with Dabu but is in fact quite different in terms of its look and method.  Block printing is actually carving the desired motifs, patterns, using wooden blocks. So the block is dipped in ink or dye, stamped onto the textile/ fabric.  Though its sounds very simple but it’s rather a tedious job. Each block can only be covered in ink or dye of a single color. Each color must be applied to a block containing only the part of the overall design utilizing that color.



This is an ancient technique, dating back at least to the ancient civilizations of India, Egypt, China, and Assyria, but used widely throughout history around the world.

Hand block now has reached across the world. Its ethnic motifs, fusion designs of geometric patterns, pop culture imprints, and artistic shapes are often used.


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