Natural Fragrances Danish

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 These natural fragrances are created from flower extracts and free of any alcohol/ spirits
The process: The flowers are washes and the extract is boiled and then kept to cool down for 12 hours then it undergoes through burning process again for 12 hours, where the stream is merged with the base oil. Then it’s filtered and approx 2-5% compounds and essential oils are added to get the perfect notes.
 Also known as Kannauj Ittar, is a traditional Indian fragrance manufacture all naturally.  Kannauj is located in India. Like the city, these fragrances come with the majestic background. Its origins can be traced in history for long times. Actively traded with the Middle East countries, its said that perfumes were supplied to Mughal emperors and their Begums who had a strong weakness for these Ittar. It was during their rule in India for nearly 300 years.
This Danish  which has slightly lemony notes and slight floral notes is an ethereal fragrance   

This is also created with the mix of flower extracts and base oil and compounds.


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