Why not? Afterall world is a small place and its best connected through cultures. Food is one of the ways to bind the different tastes. Zurich has a flourishing veggie scene. It has got many all vegetarian restaurants. One of the oldest vegetarian restaurants is there. Indian aroma has many takers in the beautiful Switzerland.

Haus Hiltl is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe, founded by Ambrosius Hiltl in 1898 and a hot favourite

among food lovers. It’s been run by the same family. and run by the same family for four generations.

Whats more, Haus Hiltl was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012 for being the oldest continuously operational vegetarian restaurant in the world.

For Indian and those who like Indian food, Haus Hiltl, the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant in Zurich is full of delectable options from palak paneer to Sambhar vada. The taste which is even more authentic and delicious than cooked by Indians, of course, what a splendid experience to eat hot Sambhar amidst sitting in beautiful surroundings of Swiss Alps, no wonder it’s so sought after.

How it all started? The story is also quite interesting and in fact, a brave one as the all vegetarian eatery was started at a time when vegetarian eaters were called ” grazers” and it really showed its impact on its success. The restaurant originally was founded in 1898 by some immigrants as ‘Vegetarierhem AG’ to spearhead vegetarianism as a way of healthy living.The restaurant struggled initially until its management was taken over by Ambrosius Hiltl a few years later.

So why Hiltl wanted to venture into an all vegetarian cuisine, because at one point of his life, he was suffering from some ailment which made him weak, and imcapable to continue in his present occupation. Disillusioned, he took refuge of many doctors and healers One of them told him that he could get cured if he renounced meat and stuck to a strict vegetarian diet. He practiced it and got cured which turned him into a committed convert to vegetarianism.and the rest is history..the restaurant is a thriving hub of all the food lovers from the world.

And the rest is history..the restaurant is a thriving hub of all the food lovers from the world.

Hiltl became the restaurant’s manager in 1903 and later bought it with the support of his wife Martha Gneupel. It is now being run by the fourth generation of the Hiltl family.

Never-miss eatery

“We cater to hundreds of customers from all over the world,  said one of the staff, who manages the restaurant on busy weekends, ” In fact, It has become a never-miss eating place for foodies visiting the Swiss city. Quipped the proud staff.


A favourite of all food lovers

Hilti is favourite of all.. “I always inclue Hilti in my itinerary  when I am in Zurich, though I am not a vegetarian myself. To try our new menu is my hobby and Hailti never disappoints me” said Camren from from Ialy,  savouring the green chutney and fritters.


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