Bob Danley once said, “Inspiration is hard to come by, you have to take it where you find it.” Sometimes, inspiration can come from the most unexpected places and times. A stroll in the garden can inspire a poet to come up with a delightful verse. A good music can inspire an artist to perfectly blend distinctive hues just like the diverse melodic notes. Words of wisdom from a visionary can inspire learners to think out of the box and become pioneers in their fields. Apart from hard work and dedication, inspiration and motivation are the elements that contribute to one’s success.

Often, one has to wander looking for motivation, but the TEDx club of Shiv Nadar University offers you a platform which can leave you intrigued and inspired. TEDxShivNadarUniversity is back with its third edition which will take place on 18 November, Sunday.

While Ms. Harnidh Kaur’s words can teach you the art of asking the right questions, Mr. Ankur Warikoo’s talk can motivate you to think differently when it comes to making plans and setting goals in order to succeed. Besides listening to their talks, you can have personal interaction through the Speaker Expo which is a part of the Pre-Function Activities. It’snot just our speakers who can influence you but our performers as well. Suman and Aarshi, the salsa performers from The Delhi Salsa Club can surely leave you amazed with their perfect synchronization and exhibit with their performance, how team-work and coordination can lead to a masterpiece.

The experience of the conference is not just limited to talks and performances. It is a wholesome experience meant to deliver something unprecedented. From fun-filled games and activities to delicious food to a comprehensive attendee kit, we have a lot in store for our attendees.

Come, be a part of this festival of ideas which can motivate and inspire you to think differently and give you a new set of perspectives of looking at the world.


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