SoCultures is about connecting the cultures of the world and creating healthy dialogues to implement worldwide collaborations.

SoCultures Magazine Jan-Feb 2022 is a MENA REGION SPECIAL!

The magnificent Mena region presents a huge legacy of magnificent cultures, scenic natural beauty, natural abundance of resources, and steadily growing powerful economy but at the same time, it is also grappling with grave conflicts within the region, being so diversified. A perfect example of harmony thriving in diversity!!!

Mena region especially countries like Syria, Dubai, Lebanon, and others are working on building the future culturally and some of innovative pathways. The organizations like TAMER Institute for Community Education from Israel and Palestine, Racines, Morocco, etc working hard towards this goal.

SoCultures is about the world, about the people who create history, who create the future and build a pleasant present for humanity.  Umpteen stories about unique initiatives, people, organizations like Dead Puppets Society, Legendary musician Andrew Christie, BTS, the renowned French artist Guy Seika, organizations like ASEF, etc grace this fantastic issue.

SoCultures plays its humble part and joins these aspects of the world which are constantly doing new things, learning, living, pushing, changing the situations around us, and…CHANGING THE WORLD!!! CREATING A BETTER WORLD!!!
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