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SoCultures is about creating a better world, the beautiful cultures, and its people to organizations doing revolutionary works, making humanity more kind, compassionate and supporting each other. Steadily evolving as a Global Multimedia and Multidisciplinary Cultural body, SoCultures is persistently establishing dialogues with the best minds from different cultures, initiating, fostering cross-border collaborations, and participating in impact-driven initiatives to bring about more creativity, more productivity, more connectivity.

SoCultures, all the time is syncing with global positive and healthy synergies. But as they say that the world is not all incandescent, fluorescent light and decked up as a rosy picture, it also caters to odd dark corners and nooks and unsettling, unpleasant scenarios, happenings, situations too, it’s not about being acting judgemental but walking together with light as well as the dark!!! Viewing everything sensitively as a responsible entity, SoCultures is creating and sending love, blessings, and kindness so that the world blossoms in its entire beauty.

SoCultures magazine, initiatives etc are filling this world with the beauty, issue after issue, event after event and the movement continues…revolution continues….

SoCultures magazine in each issue explores every country as a whole world, and all that it offers to the rest of the world.

The Mar-Apr 2022 SoCultures issue is again dedicated to Mena region. It was not possible to cover so much abundance of Mena region in just one issue and for that matter it’s not possible even in 12 issues, so this issue again is about the Mena region.

Hailed as ‘the gateway between East and West’ for thousands of years, the Mena region presents a huge legacy of magnificent cultures, scenic natural beauty, natural abundance of resources, and steadily growing powerful economy but at the same time, it is also grappling with grave conflicts within the region, being so diversified.

The issue boasts lots of interesting, creative, and full of detailed informative stories. Read about digitally armed bold n beautiful Afghani influencers who are redefining the impressions about a cool Afghanistan.

The voices are recreating the fresh narratives, the creative and productive mindsets, and attitudes from the Mena region, in “Redefining, Rediscovering”.

If there are people who contribute to the world with their soft, spiritual, artistic abilities and pursuits and some are some who destroy and harass with terrorism etc then there are some who choose to stand up and get heard aloud, voicing their opinions, and defending those getting injustice. Read in “The Dissident Club”, where all the dissidents meet from the world over.

lieutenant General His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Deputy Chairman of Dubai Police and Public Services, Group Chairman of A.R.M. Holding, and Chairman of Al-Wasl Sports Club grace the issue in a story titled the “Truly Majestic”.

Amazing and collective forces and energetic organizations are bringing in the massive social reforms and impact, read some great stories of the world — “Powering-up the Mena region” to “Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia”, the inspiring life-journey of USA based business leader Mellody Hobson, the powerhouse of talent to how the Radio AlHara is bringing the world together with music, talks, etc

There is much more to explore and delve into the cultural wisdom of the Mena region in this fantastic issue of SoCultures magazine.

SoCultures is dedicating this issue again to the people, initiatives, stories, innovations, visions, and visionaries who are waking up us every day, making people smile and choosing to impact lives day after day.


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