So Cultures was elated when Santhrupthy Das, the Origami artist, was excited and happy and wrote on her

facebook wall….    

“Teacher says, and I quote, “Allow yourself to engage in an artistic frivolous endeavour. Appreciate the subtleties of the beautiful things in life.” Maybe I don’t understand all of it today, maybe it’ll take a lifetime for each word, in its true essence to percolate within me, but I do know the feeling of starting to being an artist for myself.
Today, I had an origami workshop, and being recognized as the ‘artist’, the ‘facilitator’ of the same, is a feeling that I cannot let be ruined by the brevity of a word limit and the emptiness of our heads full of worldly matters.
Indeed, being an artist or creating an artwork is a lot of wastage of time. But trust me, if you cannot afford to waste your time, you cannot learn how to spend it well. If you do not inherit the arts, the sciences are baseless. I’ve been in both the fields and I do not disregard the latter. But, even if the sciences account for your living, art shall give you a life.

It has been a long day, and I had been waiting to get some time to type this post, because, if not today, it was never going to happen.
The lecture in the morning, the workshop in the evening, and a long but happy day in between, was (if I may use the word, without making it too obviously redundant, ARTISTICALLY) conspired to take place.”


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