Behind the scenes of Organising a conference

When you attend a conference, you go through one, two or maybe even three days of seamless events, speeches, and food. However what goes behind the scenes is much more than events, speeches, and food and goes on for far longer than three days. It’s not just the logistics of it all that makes a conference, it’s every minute detail that goes into it from the background colour in a poster to the speeches given by the speakers given on the main day. TEDxShivNadarUnversity is one such conference, its been brewing for the past 6 months and the steam is beginning to pump out right now. Here is one such way a conference can go about to happen.

It all starts with the Idea, the central idea that determines the feel and purpose of that year’s conference. This idea does n’t have to start off as a tangible entity that can be written down but can emerge as a shared feeling welling at the bottom of our hearts: what the conference should be that year. After the central idea is decided upon; the real work starts, usually deciding the scale of the event, the number of attendees anticipated, the venue arrangements, decor, food etc .Then comes the budgeting, this is very important  as the budget dictates the upper reaches of the conference and the extent of sponsorship required.

All of this requires a lot of human resources, and this is where the volunteers come in.  The work to be done is allocated to different teams and the volunteers’ interview for corresponding to the teams and their particular skill set. After the selection process is over the freshly formed teams start working on different aspects of the event, Content, Sponsorship, Marketing and so on.



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