TED, TEDx  in preserving the culture

Not every idea needs to be new, revolutionary, or innovative to the point it changes the established order of things. Some ideas are just forgotten only to be remembered again. Some ideas are a product of a hindsight that cannot be matched by any amount of prescience.

TED and TEDx are two platforms about one central purpose, to facilitate the sharing of ideas. A lot of these ideas are about the future and the threats and opportunities it holds. But every once in a while there comes this idea that’s about looking back to our roots, something to take away from times gone. At times these ideas are revolutionary re-interpretations, at times a review of an older forgotten relic of the past with modern analytical methods. A lot of elements of our culture has been lost to westernization. It can be argued that culture itself is lost to globalization.

All it takes to revive a culture is however a simple glance back, a reconciliation, a simple idea, and everything changes. Old patterns can become new styles, ancient rhythms become modern sounds, time-honored traditions new avenues. Some ideas are just out of time.


This year on the 18th of November come witness ideas that shape, alter and reaffirm cultures at TEDxShivNadarUniversity.







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