TEDxShivNadarUniversity creates such a space for you.

We were always led to believe that ideas are birthed by great people, by eccentric people. We are told since childhood that ideas that are born within the confines of four walls will not amount to greatness and that great ideas often do not give birth to greater ideas. What if there existed a space that debunked all these myths? What if we told yoWe were always led to believe that ideas are birthed by gru, that this space has witnessed ideas being born and transformed into something great? What if we told you that this space has housed ordinary people, people like you and me? What if we told you that this space was accessible to you and pushes you to your boundaries and to be creative in ways you never thought of before?

TEDxShivNadarUniversity creates such a space to you. For the past three years, we have aimed to create the notion that ideas, great ones can be born anywhere and can be the brainchild of anyone. Each year, we have left you behind with a thought, one that is aimed to provoke you to think differently, to leave behind the norm. This year, we go bigger. We bring to you the fourth edition of the conference, titled Blindspots where we intend to make you look past the obvious, to look beyond what the naked eye is trained to see and to find the images hidden deep in the dark.

Bringing to you a day filled with stories that inspire you and adventures that leave you in awe, food that tickles the taste buds and performers that cause your senses to dance in delight, we promise you an experience that will last a lifetime. So, mark your calendars for the 17th of November 2019 for TEDxShivNadarUniversity brings to you the event of the year- Blindspots.

Tickets go live on the website on October 16!

For more information, visit the website and follow TEDxShivNadarUniversity on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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