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We are talking about amazing motifs, designs, and fabric of Ukraine.

Ukraine, a beautiful land, and an interesting cultural hub. Its National identity arises from personal self-determination shared with others on the basis of a common language, cultural and family traditions, religion, and historical and mythical heritages

The Ukrainian influence has fully arrived in our closets.
“How Ukraine fashion is visible on the ramp”, in this article published in Vogue magazine, the Ukrainian fashion and its influence on global fashion was analysed beautifully. 


The sudden rise and appreciation of Ukrainian traditional dress on an international level can be credited to Vita Kin, the designer of the eponymous Vita Kin, who uses the name for the traditional Ukrainian blouse, a vyshyvanka, “Ukrainians have a unique method of decorating clothing with embroidery, and that’s always impressed me,” says Kin about her designs via email. “I adapted this ancient heritage into a modern context, adding a seventies vibe, when clothing was more relaxed and friendly. It’s a bohemian eccentricity in a very luxe execution. ( from the website of Vougue)

The vyshyvanka is a beautiful dress of Ukraine. The motifs, the designs of Vyshyvanka spell fine crafts but also of its particular region in which it was made. The designs on its back can reveal the knowing where a person hailed from  Embroidery is very integral and important part of fashion within Ukraine. Embroideries, its techniques differ according to.local  styles, flavours and comfort and come with their own particular patterns and colours.

Traditionally, the thread is coloured according to local formulas using bark, leaves, flowers, berries and so on. Truly imbibing the local environment in its embroidery.

Оксана Ахріменко. in her traditional dress from Ukraine

Featuring Оксана Ахріменко from Kyiv, Ukraine, “This is the homespun cloth.From hemp plant species.Embroidery according to this region.And an obligatory detail for the Transcarpathian shirt is the cuffs of manual binding.” told she when SoCultures asked her about the dress.

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